ADB Costab 32

ADB Costab 32

Financial analysis tool to estimate project costs, taxes, & procurement tables
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  • Transfer data to Excel 2013 using Windows 10.
    The software does not work properly because it lacks compatibility with Windows 10. I've checked various websites to obtain additional information about... Read more
  • Why is the software not accepting to begin a year after 2010 (eg 2018)?
    The application does not allow you to enter years above 2010 because it wasn't developed at that time to support years above 2010. Unfortunately... Read more


Costab 32 helps financial analysis, project economist, and project engineers estimate project costs. It performs tasks such as: calculation of physical and price contingencies, taxes and foreign exchange; producing detailed and summary project cost tables; producing financing plans and disbursements profiles; producing procurement tables; producing a suggested loan allocation table; showing project costs by implementing agency and project area; converting financial costs to economic costs for economic analysis; storing financial and economic data in excel for further processing.

This software, developed originally by the World Bank to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project work, is now widely used in ADB.

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